Thank you for completing the HTCC Salary and Benefits Survey. The information below will be kept separate from your survey responses and will be used only to ensure that you receive the correct credit.

If you are a CHT, HTCC will enter one contact hour of professional development credit for you in Category G, which can be used for recertification. In order to receive the credit, you will need to provide your name and CHT ID number below.

If you are not a CHT, or your information does not match that in our records, please enter your name below and you will be able to print a certificate of completion for one hour of continuing education. CHTs will need to enter this hour in Category G in CHTs Only and upload, email or fax the certificate to receive credit in this case.

You will not be able to request this certificate or credit later because HTCC does not have a record of who has completed the survey, so please print your record now.

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