Following a practice examination, you will begin the timed examination. Before beginning, instructions for taking the examination are provided on-screen. There are 200 multiple-choice questions on the examination. You will have 4 hours to complete the examination.

The computer monitors the time you spend on the examination. The examination will terminate if you exceed the time allowed. You may click on the Time box in the lower menu bar on the screen or select the Time key to monitor your time. A digital clock indicates the time remaining for you to complete the examination. The Time feature may be turned off during the examination.

Only one examination question is presented at a time. The question number appears in the lower right portion of the screen. Choices of answers to the examination question are identified as A, B, C, or D. You must indicate your choice by either typing in the letter in the response box in the lower left portion of the computer screen or clicking on the option using the mouse. To change your answer, enter a different option by pressing the A, B, C, or D key or by clicking on the option using the mouse. You may change your answer as many times as you wish during the examination time limit.

To move to the next question, click on the forward arrow (>) in the lower right portion of the screen or select the NEXT key. This action will move you forward through the examination question by question. If you wish to review any question or questions, click the backward arrow (<) or use the left arrow key to move backward through the examination.

An examination question may be left unanswered to return to later in the examination session. Questions may also be bookmarked for later review by clicking in the blank square to the right of the Time button. Click on the hand icon or select the NEXT key to advance to the next unanswered or bookmarked question on the examination. To identify all unanswered and bookmarked questions, repeatedly click on the hand icon or press the NEXT key. When the examination is completed, the number of examination questions answered is reported. If not all questions have been answered and there is time remaining, return to the examination and answer those questions. Be sure to provide an answer for each examination question before ending the examination. There is no additional penalty for incorrect answers.

During the examination, comments may be provided for any question by clicking on the button displaying an exclamation point (!) to the left of the Time button. This opens a dialogue box where comments may be entered.

  • At the time of the examination you will be provided with an opportunity to comment on any question you believe is misleading or deficient in accuracy or content. Be specific when commenting on a question; HTCC will individually review each comment.
  • You may make a comment on any question; however, we suggest that if you want to make a comment, mark the question and write the comment after you have completed the test, to allow the full time you need to answer the questions.
  • Please comment on a question only if you think it is flawed. Although HTCC does review all the comments, they are considered in the aggregate to determine if there is a problem with a question. Your comment should not be considered a defense of your answer. Please remember that any time taken to write a comment is included in your testing time of four hours.

After completing the examination, you will be asked to complete a short survey for HTCC as well as an evaluation of your examination experience. Then you will be instructed to report to the examination proctor to receive a printed confirmation of testing.

Information about candidates for testing and their examination results are considered confidential. Studies and reports concerning candidates will contain no information identifiable with any candidate, unless authorized by the candidate.