The Hand Therapy Certification Examination (HTCE) is a comprehensive test of advanced clinical skills in the field of upper limb rehabilitation. It is expected that candidates will have a thorough understanding of hand therapy theory and its clinical application based on a variety of educational opportunities and practical experience.

HTCC as an organization does not approve or endorse specific test preparation courses or materials for certification preparation nor does the HTCC publish a test preparation guide. However, HTCC provides a blueprint of the scope of practice content included in the examination, a comprehensive list of terms and abbreviations used in the HTCE, and a list of references commonly used and recommended by previous test candidates. Additionally, HTCC is pleased to share tips and suggestions that others have found helpful in the preparation for the examination.


Exam Preparation Tips

HTCC Study Group

Feeling anxious about taking the certification exam?

Here are tips from CHTs to help you prepare.