Deadlines and Fees
November 15
All Work Experience and Professional Development hours must be completed
Jan 1 - Nov 15 Application Period $450
March 15 Final date to request a special accommodation NC
Nov 16 - Dec 15 Late Application Period $550

Professional Development and Work Hours will be provisionally approved when they are submitted, and a final review will take place when the Recertification Application is completed during the renewal year. Additional details or clarification may be required at that time if there are questions on the submissions.

To enter professional development and work experience hours:

  • Log into "For CHTs"
  • Under “Track Professional Development Hours” or “Track Work Experience Hours”, select the link “Enter Hours”.
  • Follow the prompts for entering the hours.
  • Upload the acceptable proof to the online form. Please note: HTCC is no longer accepting emailed, mailed or faxed supporting documentation.

When all professional development and work experience hours have been approved and eligibility to recertify has been granted by HTCC, the Recertification Application can be completed.

To complete the application:

  • Log into For CHTs".
  • On the landing page, select "Complete Recertification Application".
  • Fill in State License/Registration information.
  • Complete the Recertification Consent and Authorization Agreement.
  • Complete the payment process.

A CHT can recertify by examination anytime they are due to recertify. It is the only option to renew your credential if it has lapsed. Click here to go to the Hand Therapy Certification Examination Application login page.