HTCC has established a retired designation, CHT Retired, to provide a mechanism for the continued recognition of retired CHTs after they have withdrawn from professional practice. The CHT Retired designation is intended to recognize CHTs’ years of service and commitment to excellence in upper limb patient care. Retirement from clinical practice is recognized for many reasons including illness or disability, career change or personal choice. This designation allows retired CHTs to stay connected to the hand therapy profession and to HTCC, and to continue to provide mentorship, education, and professional contributions to other therapists. Individuals with retired status must make efforts to not suggest or imply that they hold an active CHT credential. It is intended that those with CHT Retired status will not use the retired designation in connection with professional practice or work for compensation.

Once the candidate has applied for and been granted CHT Retired status, the CHT credential can only be reactivated by retaking and passing the CHT examination.

CHT Retired status Eligibility Requirements

CHTs seeking CHT Retired status must satisfy these eligibility requirements.

  1. Be a current Active or Inactive CHT in good standing at time of retirement.
  2. Be retired from clinical hand therapy practice, with no plans to return or to renew certification otherwise, including no longer engaging in an occupation related to clinical hand therapy practice, academia, research, administration or consultation, or in a position that requires clinical hand therapy education or licensure/certification.
  3. Have 10 years of more of certification; or be at least 65 years of age.
  4. Apply in the year due to recertify.
  5. Submit a completed application and fee.


No work or professional development hours are required if you plan to become Inactive.

  • Recognition of professional achievement
  • Listed as CHT Retired in the online directory of CHTs
  • Continued communication from HTCC regarding changes in certification, professional updates, and HTCC activities
  • A CHT Retired certificate suitable for framing

Please Note: You may only apply for CHT Retired status in the year you are due to recertify.


CHT Retired (one-time fee) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ $125

Complete the Retired Status Application in the “For CHTs” section.