The Hand Therapy Certification Commission, Inc., (HTCC) has adopted its Disciplinary Policy to articulate standards of conduct required for eligibility for the certification, continued certification, and recertification of Certified Hand Therapists. The Disciplinary Policy is the foundation of HTCC's certification program and exemplifies the commitment of HTCC and Certified Hand Therapists to patients, the public, and to the profession through competent and professional practice of hand therapy. HTCC is pleased to adopt these standards and welcomes comment and inquiry from hand therapists and the public.

To be eligible for Certification or Recertification, an individual must continuously comply with all of HTCC's standards, policies, and procedures as set forth in the Disciplinary Policy. Actions which constitute a violation of HTCC’s Disciplinary Policy include, but are not limited to: cheating on an examination, failing to pay fees or submit requested information, providing false information, misrepresenting certification status, abusing alcohol or drugs, misusing HTCC property, and being subject to any regulatory, criminal, or civil action related to the practice of hand therapy.

HTCC expects any person concerned with a possible violation of the Disciplinary Policy to inform HTCC. Alleged violations are first referred to the Credentialing Committee and then to HTCC’s Disciplinary Review Committee, if review is warranted. If good cause is found to further pursue the alleged violation, a hearing will be held before HTCC’s Disciplinary Hearing Committee. The individual will have the opportunity to present a defense and may be represented by an attorney. The Disciplinary Hearing Committee will determine the appropriate sanctions to be imposed if any; HTCC may deny, revoke, or otherwise act upon an individual’s certification. The individual may appeal an unfavorable decision to HTCC’s Board of Directors, whose decision will be final. If eligibility or certification is denied or revoked, an individual cannot be reconsidered for a period of at least three years. In the event that an alleged violation constitutes an imminent threat to the public, this procedure may be accelerated.

By submitting an application or holding a certification from HTCC, each applicant and certificant: (i) consents to the release of information concerning her/his application and certification, including any disciplinary actions; and (ii) releases HTCC from any liability for doing so.

The above does not constitute a complete statement of HTCC’s Disciplinary Policy and should not be relied upon as the basis for any claim.

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