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2022 Exams
April 25 - May 14
October 24 - November 12



Application Deadlines: April 15th for the May exam and October 15th for the November exam.
category e - hand therapy education presented

Hand Therapy Presentations

All 80 hours may be submitted in this category

Description of Activities

This category encompasses participation as an instructor or presenter delivering hand therapy information. In order to receive credit hours for a presentation, it must be delivered within a structured framework of teaching/learning, such as a lecture, paper presentation, workshop at a professional meeting, or university course.

For courses that use other media, such as CD-ROM or Internet courses, submit supporting documentation that describes the course, the media, etc.

Contact Hours Awarded

  • Eight contact hours will be awarded for a formal scientific or clinical paper presented at a national meeting.
  • Four contact hours will be awarded for each hour of formal presentation to health care professionals or health care students, for example, at a meeting that grants CEUs or at a university.
  • Two contact hours will be awarded for each hour of informal presentation to health care professionals or health care students, for example, at an in-service course.
  • One contact hour will be awarded for each hour of presentation to non-health care professionals.
  • Four contact hours will be awarded for a poster presentation.
  • Two contact hours are awarded per six hours of course material for course coordination.
  • One contact hour awarded for every two hours of mentoring.
  • Credit will not be awarded for presenting the same course more than once per recertification cycle.
  • Hours submitted for credit in this category may not duplicate hours used in calculating the 2,000-hour minimum work requirement for recertification.
  • Professional Development and Work Experience Credit for participation as a hand therapist on a hand surgical trip or educational program in a developing country: up to 10 hours per week of formal and informal teaching in Cat E plus 30 hours per week towards work experience or 40 hours per week towards hand therapy work experience.

Acceptable Proof
To receive credit for presentations, submit evidence of participation in the presentation (e.g., course, brochure, and/or course outline) that includes the following:

  1. Number of actual hours presenting
  2. Date(s) of presentation
  3. Title
  4. Sponsoring organization

To receive credit for mentoring, a signed Mentoring Contract and Mentoring Verification form with log must be submitted which includes the following: 

  1. Name and signature of mentor and mentee
  2. Length of mentoring relationship
  3. Frequency of meetings
  4. Type of meetings (i.e. face to face, online, phone) 
  5. Identified goals for the mentoring relationship