Maximum accepted: 6 hours per 5-year accrual cycle.

This category encompasses all activities that serve to define, assist, or promote the systemic improvement of patient care. The activities should fall outside of the therapist’s primary job duties. They are often related to serving on a committee for the facility and are not related to the direct practice of hand therapy or patient treatment. These activities may include participation in:

  • Safety Committee
  • Case Management
  • Utilization Review
  • Quality Assurance/Peer Review
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey
  • Compliance Committee
  • Practice Management: Courses such as CPR training, health & safety courses, courses related to practice management, reimbursement, fieldwork supervision, coding or billing, medical ethics and similar courses that may be required by the facility or state.

  • One contact hour is awarded per quarter year of completed activity.
  • The course being submitted must specify the number of contact hours awarded.
  • If a course is being submitted, one contact hour = one hour of education or a course certificate.

Submit written verification of project, activity, or committee involvement, including date(s) of involvement, signed by your supervisor.