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Competencies in Hand Therapy

Survey questions about the acquisition of hand therapy competencies by therapists at specific points of experience were included in the 2001 Practice Analysis.

Six competency areas were identified and included in the final survey:

  • Scientific Knowledge
  • Clinical Judgment/Clinical Reasoning
  • Technical Skills
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Resource Management

Certified Hand Therapists in the United States and Canada participated in the survey. Five of the six competencies were rated moderately or highly critical to professional effectiveness. Thirty hypothesized behavioral progressions (from novice to expert) were included; twenty-seven were validated by the results indicating that hand therapists demonstrate competence that is unique and increases over time.

There is a variety of potential uses of these results by hand therapists and hand therapy organizations, especially in regard to candidate eligibility, self-assessment by CHTs, and planning for continuing education.

This information was published in the Jan-Mar 2003 issue of the Journal of Hand Therapy.

Click here to download the complete Competencies in Hand Therapy paper.