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Important Dates

2022 Exams
April 25 - May 14
October 24 - November 12



Application Deadlines: April 15th for the May exam and October 15th for the November exam.
Board of directors and staff

Patricia Taylor, PT, CHT

Patricia Taylor

Board Member and Founding Member

Patricia Taylor works with Select Medical Physical Therapy as the Hand Therapy Program Coordinator for Oklahoma. 

A founding member of the American Society of Hand Therapists since 1978, Patti has been dedicated to years of volunteer service to the profession of hand therapy. Patti has served in leadership positions in the American Society of Hand Therapists for over eight years and elected board member of the society for six years, and as the ASHT president in 1991 when the Hand Therapy Certification Commission gave the first exam and granted the first CHT credentials. She was the recipient of the ASHT Nathalie Barr Lectureship in 2006.

Patti’s work with hand patients began in the late 1970’s while she was working orthopedics at Oklahoma Children’s Memorial Hospital. A shortage of occupational therapists in the area created a need for a therapist with splinting skills to cover hand clinics. Patti rose to the challenge learning splinting and attending hand clinics. She found it rewarding to meet the needs of this specialty, but it was during an encounter with a patient with a replanted arm that she fell in love with the profession. The challenges of dealing with a multi-system injury and the complexities of dealing with nerve, muscles, skin and vascular problems all at once intrigued her then and continue to intrigue her today.

Patti has been involved with hand therapy credentialing from the start as a committee member during the early years of forming the commission and as an HTCC Board Member since its incorporation in 1989. Patti has served as the Examination Committee Chairperson and remains committed to preserving the quality and validity of the hand therapy examination.