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2022 Exams
April 25 - May 14
October 24 - November 12



Application Deadlines: April 15th for the May exam and October 15th for the November exam.
Board of directors and staff

Brenda Hilfrank, PT, CHT

Brenda Hilfrank

Board Member

Brenda Hilfrank recently retired from the University of Vermont Medical Center in South Burlington, Vt. where she worked as a certified hand therapist. UVM Medical Center is the only Level One Trauma Center in Vermont. Hand therapists at FAHC provide hand therapy for patients from a wide geographical area in Vermont and upstate New York.

A graduate of Ithaca College, Brenda was drawn to hand therapy early in her physical therapy studies. While completing anatomy dissections of the hand and arm she became intrigued by the intricate flexor tendon system and continues to be amazed by the delicate balance of hand anatomy. Brenda completed her final undergraduate field work at Hand Rehabilitation Services in New York City. She was fortunate there to be mentored by Karen Lauckhardt, MS,PT, CHT as well as hand surgeons Dr. Robert Beasley and Dr. Charles Melone, Jr. She continued to work and learn at HRS for 4 more years. Brenda then returned to New England and worked at a university practice before opening her own private hand therapy practice. She ran her practice for 16 years before going to work at Fletcher Allen Health Care.

Brenda was elected to the HTCC Board in 1998. She served on the Recertification Committee for 3 years prior to her election and continued with that committee for 4 more years. She currently serves as the chair of the Disciplinary Review Committee and is a member of the Examination Committee.