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Important Dates

2022 Exams
April 25 - May 14
October 24 - November 12



Application Deadlines: April 15th for the May exam and October 15th for the November exam.
Recertification Policies

Policies for Professional Development Hours

  1. Professional development contact hours may be applied only to the renewal cycle in which they are earned.
  2. There will be no retroactive credit, nor carry over of excess hours into the next period.
  3. Credit will not be awarded for presenting the same course more than once per recertification cycle.
  4. Hours spent in teaching or researching that are applied to the 2,000-hour eligibility requirement may NOT be applied toward professional development contact hours earned in Category E.
  5. Contact hours for professional education obtained outside the U.S. that meet the criteria described in each category may be included in contact hours for Recertification.

Application Appeal & Review Procedures

  1. Appeal - Certificants who applied for Recertification are notified that they do not meet the Recertification criteria will have 21 days from the date the notice was mailed to submit an appeal. Appeals must be submitted in the following manner:
    1. All appeals must be sent to the HTCC Administrative Office by traceable mail or delivery service.
    2. The appeal must include all the information that was requested by the Recertification Committee.
    3. The appeal must specify a valid basis for the appeal. The basis may be one or both of the following:
      a. To submit additional information (examples might be course descriptions) to demonstrate compliance with HTCC's recertification requirements, or additional evidence of compliance.
      b. To contest the decision of the initial reviewers by providing information that will help the reviewers interpret the information contained in the application.
    4. Failure of the Hand Therapy Certification Examination may not be appealed.
    5. Failure to comply with any HTCC deadline may not be appealed.
    6. HTCC will forward the appeal to the chair of the Recertification Committee who shall appoint two members of the committee to review the appeal. The two members appointed to the appeal may not be the same members who initially reviewed the application. If a member of the Recertification Committee has a conflict of interest, an alternate will be appointed.
    7. HTCC will notify the certificant of the final decision. If the appeal is denied for failure to meet the continuing education requirements, the certificant may apply to recertify by examination at its next administration, or they may apply for Inactive Status.
    8. Following notification of failure to meet criteria, certificants who do not wish to pursue recertification by examination or Inactive Status should notify HTCC of their decision and request a refund of the fee, minus a $75.00 processing fee.
    9. If the CHT elects to apply for Inactive Status, they will receive a refund of their fee, minus $100 for Inactive Status and a $75 processing fee. (Late fees will not be refunded.)

  2. Suspension of Review - At any point in the review of a Recertification application, such application may be referred to the HTCC President if compliance with HTCC's Disciplinary Policy is questioned.

Disciplinary Actions
The Hand Therapy Certification Commission, Inc., has adopted its Disciplinary Policy to articulate standards of conduct required for eligibility for certification, continued certification, and recertification of Certified Hand Therapists. The Disciplinary Policy is the foundation of HTCC's certification program and exemplifies the commitment of HTCC and Certified Hand Therapists to patients, the public, and to the profession through competent and professional practice of hand therapy.

It is the responsibility of each candidate to be familiar with the Disciplinary Policy and to inform HTCC of any disciplinary actions that have taken place within ten years prior to the application deadline. These will be reviewed by the Disciplinary Review Committee prior to acceptance of the candidate’s application by HTCC. Candidates may request that the committee review the disciplinary action to make a determination prior to submitting an application. Contact the HTCC office for assistance.

Any sanctions or disciplinary actions against the candidate must have been resolved prior to acceptance of the application by HTCC.

Click here to read about HTCC's disciplinary policy.

Name/Address Change
It is the responsibility of the CHT to promptly notify HTCC in writing of any changes in his/her name or address. Notification for admission to the test, notification of test results, changes in the certification program, and renewal of certification depend on accurate information.

  • Click here to update your CHT information
  • Email Information to HTCC
  • Contact HTCC in North America at: 1-800-860-7097

Release of Information
HTCC will maintain a complete listing of CHTs. CHT status verification, but not examination scores, will be sent to employers, academic institutions, etc., upon request. CHT names will be displayed in the online CHT Directory with the name of employer, work address, city, state, zip code and work phone number. If this information is not displayed, it is missing from the database.

The Hand Therapy Certification Commission, Inc., and its testing company, Professional Examination Service, endorse the principles of equal opportunity. Eligibility criteria for examination and certification under the Hand Therapy Certification program are applied equally to all certificants regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, veteran status, age, or handicap.